The Great Fjord Swim Oct 11th 2014

Deep Atlantic Waters

Ancient Majestic Fjord

Soaring Rugged Mountains

Clear Crisp Autumn

Killary Connemara Galway


A special day in October


Start time for 2km event 2014:  12.45pm

Start time for 750m event 2014:  2.30pm

  • The Great Fjord Swim is an open-water swimming event with a choice of 2 distances – 750m and 2km to suit everyone from first timers to cross-Channel wanna-bes!
  • 2014 sees a new looped course for the 2km race, as suggested by the competitors in 2013.
  • Expert kayakers and safety boats will cover you all the way.
  • Wetsuits must be worn for the 750m swim but this year we are having a non-wetsuit category for experienced swimmers in the 2km event as well as the usual wetsuit category.
  • Homemade soup to warm you afterwards and a free event swim-hat and t-shirt to take home.